An AI-Driven platform for increasing the Efficiency of burners by reducing U.B.C and Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.
Our unique AI platform empowered by Machine Learning and Image Processing is fully self-learning and provides unrivaled insight into increasing thermal efficiency while reducing unburnt carbon content. BurnHancer collaborates with experts on process efficiency strategies.

Discover BurnHancer AI-Platform

Our Platform seamlessly connects to all your data in real-time. Machine Learning and Image Processing are used to increase your thermal processes. Our AI- platform monitors and predicts your thermal process to prevent and increase proficiency and detect non-intuitive optimization. BurnHancer collaborates with your team and helps you to implement your strategies.

let’s make the environment green

BurnHancer believes in constant innovation and improvement and is actively investing in R&D. Our solution combines new technologies such as machine learning, image processing and artificial intelligence to make your process green and efficient.

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